Missing Riders On Zwift Power

Hi, I just did the Uber Pretzel with about 29 riders. 19 may have dropped out during the race but 10 definitely did finish (I know this because I was #10). When looking at the event, it only shows 7 riders, I am left off the list along with the 2 that finished before me, and everyone that finished or dropped out after me. Is there a time limit after which you won’t show those riders? Or is there some other way to get me on to the finisher list?


I believe the event id is 3799528. It should be the Zwift Insider Epic Ride, Saturday 12/23/23 at 1930 UTC.

I believe that when riders are not registered at ZP, they don´t show up.

A great many riders aren’t registered on ZwiftPower.

Good news, ZwiftPower has updated the results and you, and another rider, are now showing in the results.

Very well done on completing the Uber Pretzel.

Must have been the lag time for updating. Thanks for letting me know. And to the others, I know not everyone is registered but I am