Ride didn't upload to feed


I’m new to indoor cycling and zwift, so far I love it, i’ve read somethings on the forum but not found an answer or I can’t find it

Today I rode the Uber pretzel and after the ride I could save the ride but then the app closed
During the whole ride I saw no one else so I guess internet issues, I found the .fit file so could upload to strava and garmin manually but now al the jerseys and badges are gone, aswell as the sweatdroplets and my level up, the time, distance and altitude on the log in screen is not updated
Probably something to do with the internet but what did I do wrong and can I get the activity back in my feed?

Regards Jasper

oh no, that’s a shame…

You guessed right… no internet connection means the ride won’t save on Zwift servers… and you can’t manually upload it to Zwift.

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Thank you

Ouch. Sorry to hear that happened, mate. At least you’ll know what to expect the second time around. :slight_smile: :frowning:

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Possibly the worst route to do and then not get the credit.

Hopefully one of the Zwift team will come along and be able to check your completion and hopefully give you the route badge & jersey you deserve.

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I hear @James_Zwift has been working on RoboBots to do some of this work for him :slight_smile:

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Hey Jasper,

Send me some kind of proof that you did the whole route and I’ll give you the credit for it.


Can you give me the credit without evidence? I never did get around to doing it and I’m in no shape to try these days. :pray::joy:


Only if I can give myself Uber Pretzel and PRL Full.

I’ve done the PRL full with the use of several films watched whilst doing it as it’s repetitive and you don’t really need to watch what going on. You know when you’ve hit box hill and the escalator each time.

I think we both deserve the Uber. :wink:

I had done 8 laps before a drop of sweat of something decided to make a direction change.

I threw my water bottle out the window in disgust. Then remembered I was thirsty :joy:

Classic. Least it wasn’t through the window.

Give yourself that one.

The Zwift community feel you deserve it.

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I hope you can see it


That’s good enough for me. Well done.


wait… you didn’t go around the top of the alpe and coast down for free XP… sorry I feel you should do it again…

missed opportunity :wink:


Ook in een snelle tijd!

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Would be nice if I got something, thanks

Heb mijn best gedaan :wink:

Ik ben alleen snel over kort afstanden. <1km :laughing:

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I gave you the badge at the same time as my last post.

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