Drop out after collecting Pretzel Badge

I completed The Pretzel & collected the route badge after crossing the line this morning, looks like I’ve either had a drop out or file hasn’t uploaded properly as distance only shows 69.4 klms & can’t seem to download the file from the app or pc, no auto upload to Strava or training peaks

When you say you can’t download it, do you mean you looked in the zwift folder on your pc and found the activity and tried to upload that fit file, or have you not tried that?

I haven’t tried that yet, I’ve lost the badge & last 3-4 klms of ride, only tried on Zwift website activity feed I’ll have a look in the folder shortly looks like I’ve lost the badge

OK I’ve found the file in the activities folder & Uploaded to Strava 72.96 klms Pretzel segment is 72.19 klms, there’s also a file there titled “activityinprogress”

There’s a chance submitting a request and the fit file to zwift support they might be able to get you the badge. But they are quiet busy at the moment and i dont known if they do that normally anyway.