Auto upload failed

I’ve been having issues for the last two days with crazy on screen behaviors like riders going sideways and into the bushes as well as the rider list disappearing for a few seconds and then re-appearing.

I’ve so far come up with the most likely issue being network slowdowns. I had to change something in my router which alleviated the slowdown problem but haven’t tested zwift since the change.

At the end of today’s ride (filled with these errors) the “save and upload” dialog seemed normal but it actually didn’t work. My mileage totals and achievements are correct, but the ride itself is lost. I use a Garmin as well so that’s fine but there’s no way to upload that to “My Zwift” to get the ride in there, or to send it to Strava in such a way that it doesn’t just appear to be a trainer session.

I’m hoping the network issue resolution will clear this up and hypothesize that it might be at the heart of the wacky rider behavior. This may be of interest to others.

I had the same issue last night.

Hi Andrew,

If you can, please send a ticket with some of these specifics including a log of the ride (found in Documents\Zwift\Logs). Just give us a complete description of what happened and we can look into it. Use the link above near your name.


Nearly the exact same thing happened to me today. 

Have opened a support request.