Problems Today

Several issues on my ride today.

Started off well and I was going around without any problems, until exactly the end of my 7th lap.

At that point some names started disappearing, but not all. So I could see a few other names as normal but most of the riders showed up on the rider list as blanks - I could see where they were, and when I caught or rode with them they appeared as real riders not AI images.

Then a couple of laps later everything disappeared and I was riding completely on my own. Last time this happened was when our broadband dropped out but I still had internet connection.

I finished my ride and tried to save it (I’m connected to Strava too) but it whirred around for a long while and then shut. When I went back in it doesn’t appear to have save any of the data - my miles and points are the same as what they were before today’s ride.

Also it seems to have affected the file in my Garmin, which is really annoying. Although in the head unit the ride is as it was - I can see distance (49.2km), normalised power (251 watts), time (1.33.34) and so on. But when I upload the .fit file it comes out as a ride that was under 4 minutes long.

Any thoughts? Should I open a support ticket and send files?

Same thing happened to me. All the riders suddenly disappeared. I stopped, saved my ride and shut down Zwift. When I restarted Zwift I was the only rider shown. I use a Computrainer with Windows 7 PC. Seems we weren’t alone!

Same issue here. No problems for the first 11 laps but after lap 11 I stopped to fill my water bottles, jump back on and Zwift unpaused like normal but I watch the rider list roll up and everyone goes away… I was just out there all alone :frowning: I finished my ride and it looks like everything did save to the Zwift servers and Strava. No broadband issues here. I quit the app and relaunched it and I was still all alone on the island

Oh… and the only other strange thing I saw was someone riding in circles in the road right around where people spawn. Very weird… just some guy riding perfect circles in the road like he was waiting for a friend to catch up. I’m guessing that’s a bug but it looks so perfect that it looked like something that was by design.

Ditto for me…no riders at exactly lap 7 and then also rode in night mode the rest of the laps, but it did same my ride…
Others might check their /Zwift/activities/ folder…the rides are saved locally as well…

just checked, it saved my info locally, but did not save it to my achievements online…missing my level upgrade, todays miles as well as unlocked features…

I’ve had the disappearing rider list happen and my best hypothesis (which has some evidence) is that my internet connection either went out or became intermittent or very slow at those times.

We had a brief server outage this weekend, so the problem was totally on our end. Sorry for the bugs/welcome to beta! :wink:

Hi guys

likewise thought it may be connected with the IOS release but first time that Zwift has crashed on me with all data being lost, so a bit frustrating. Didn’t think it was the Internet as l was still riding albeit by myself.

lost my level upgrade as well as my wheel upgrade! Eeeeeeek

hopefully problem solved and lesson learnt.

Ride on!

Hi Guys,

in 2017 the same Problems apeares.

Users are not shown/ without Names (black Label obove)

Zwift does not save correctly - the Activity disapears into Nirvana.

Sometimes in the last two weeks Staating does not work & it works not fluently.

My Computer is up to Date with WIN10 and I have a very fast Internent…

Does Zwift has to less Servercapacity due to many new - paying Users ?

So they have to bulid up more Serverspace in the same Time.

Or don´t register new users !