Riders disappearing, reappearing! Disappeared for race.

Lately, riders have been disappearing and then reappearing at random.  I put out a message asking if anyone else was having the problem and a lot of people responded, Yes!

Last night I did a 1 lap race with about 70 people in it.  With a minute or so before the start, everyone disappeared.  I went ahead and rode it like a time trial and never saw a single rider anywhere on the course the entire way!

When I checked ZwiftPower, there were 17 people who finished.  Any reason this is happening?.. something I can check?

Zwift server issues.  They’re working on it.

It happened to everyone in the Zwift Euro Crit on Monday B race.

The only thing that helped was following race on zwiftpowerdotcom live updates.

I also had this issue a couple of times last week. Just before the start of a race all participants dissappeared. I had to drive all alone, i saw no drivers at all. That’s not funny. Does somebody knows a solution or can somebody give the reason why this happened? I hope this will or can be solved soon because the good part of Zwift is that you can race with/against other peoples.

When it happens it’s one of two things, the Zwift server(s) or your internet connection.  If you’re using WiFi and have the issue try hard wiring to your router for better throughput.

Hi Ray,
i would wish this is possible but i am using an ipad so using a wire is not an option.

Lieven, I really doubt it’s your connection.  This is a daily occurrence for a ton of people all of a sudden.  I’m sure the Zwift folks are working as hard as they can to fix whatever the issue is.  Last I saw, they were saying it was a database issue.  Since my original post, I’ve not ridden a single ride, usually 2 a day, that it doesn’t happen and many people respond back to say they are seeing it too.  So, we’ll be patient and I’m sure it will be resolved soon.

It’s been fine for me since the Great Zwift Blackout of 11/7/2017…

It’s been real stable for me until last week or so.  Again today 3000+ riders on, joined event with 300 riders in it, and it sent me the wrong direction right out the gate.  Quit the event, other riders appeared, and just did a free ride.

Sadly still happening.  Occurred today which is a shame as I had an email from support saying they thought that they had a fix and were patching over the weekend.

OMG - soooo frustrating!  This happened to me ALL DAY! Kept trying different things, removing the app, removing and re-installing Zwift.  What the heck is going on and WHEN will Zwift technical team RESPOND with a statement so people stop wasting time trying to resolve this server issue.

My girlfriend and I zwift together all the time.  Her environment was totally fine, functioned perfectly.  I was on a different server (my environmental parameters (what you see during the ride) was different than hers - she was riding in daylight, my environment was night).  I “rode with T****” in the ride options and then - BANG - only I was there, riding alone with no other riders.


During zwift KISS 100 race Sunday there were several times that everyone disappeared, but only for a few seconds fortunately. It was somewhere in the 10-11AM EST timeframe. If you have a problem open a support ticket, this helps to make them aware of how many riders are having the problem.  They may ask you to upload/attach your log files which helps them pinpoint the exact time, and see if everyone was having the problem at the same instant.

Same thing has happened to me on my last 2 rides, last night I raced by myself at the ZHR Atlantic race, right at the staring line it was just me…