Riders disappearing at turnoffs


I was racing in Watopia last night and with about 5km to go I reached a turnoff at the end of the underwater tunnel. As I turned the racers around me dissapeared - I was still able to see my position in the race and everything else worked as normal. My girlfriend was Zwifting next to me and we had other devices running fine on WiFi so I don’t think it was a network issue. With a couple of km to go, I reached the desert turnaround and the riders in the race re-rendered.

The same thing happened in Watopia this morning on the Volcano Climb course (just free riding) - the riders in the game alternately rendered and ‘de-rendered’ when I reached turning points (although not every turn off). I was following a course, so didn’t choose any options to turn at any point.

I am running Zwift on a MacBook Pro. I’m sure you can understand how frustrating this is! In the race last night it seemed that while the riders around me didn’t render, I was unable to benefit from drafting effects - although staying at race power (which should have seen me stay in the group), when the riders around me rendered again I had been dropped by the other racers.

Any help would be much appreciated!

This was an issue in the EMEA ZRL stream as well.

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I had the same problem on Monday riding in Watopia. Suddenly nearby riders started to disappear, while some riders 4-5 minutes away remained on the list of nearby riders. Usually if I lose the wifi connection all riders disappear, but here there were always some still present. Using my phone there didn’t seem to be a problem with my Wifi. Lasted approximately 30 minutes.

Saw this last night on the TTT. All riders in the team saw the same thing happen. It seem like the volcano climb disappearing rider bug has is now on TickTock.

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Yes I was racing on TickTock last night too - mine happened a bit further on than your video shows, with about 5km left to race. Difference was that the riders around me dissapeared for around 3km and the rest of the team seemed to be fine.

To me it happened at Titans groove going trough the second time when riding “Big foot hills”. Started when I left “Ocean boulevard”. Saw other complaining on Facebook about riders disappearing as “ghost” in meetups.

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Just did a race in London with different riders popping in and out of view one by one once every minute or two (at least I didn’t lose sight of the group at any point). I have also experienced a version of this where I am watching someone else and everyone around them disappears (this was also the situation in the community stream), so try to explain that with internet problems at my end.

I had an issue on one ride over the weekend where pretty much all of the riders within +/- 1 minute of me would disappear on certain parts of Watopia, and then reappear later. This seemed to be when entering/leaving certain ‘checkpoints’ (like the volcano). It was very odd.

Similar problems with Mac OS platform. Sunday riding in Paris, avatars not on bikes, then game clock started running slower than the course clock–about 4 seconds real time to move one second on zwift. My speed dropped to 3 or 4 mph. It took me over 50 minutes to ride what zwift said was 20 minutes. Today on Innsbruck after the climb the bikes started to disappear and then I saw the clock had slowed down to 2 seconds real time for every one second on zwift clock. So I stopped, and like Sunday, no menu button appeared so I couldn’t exit/quit. Then a survery popped up to ask me to rate my ride and did I listen to music Meanwhile my ride was destroyed. I had to force quit to get out of the app & lost my ride. Something very wrong here.

Happened to me again today for second day I’m a row. Same spot in tempus everyone disappears but I still have chat. Other side of desert it seems to come back on. Not just me but handful of others solo and in a group ride

:thinking: same issues all over the ride in Watopia at my ride today… ( group ride) Seems like a very big bug :bug: I’m sending the log file to support from today & yesterday was like that to :confused: in Watopia…
Many riders seems to have this issue.
Know exactly how you feel!

Thanks. Please keep us updated on any response. Hopefully resolved by weekend or sweeping my group won’t happen :grimacing:

@Michael_Lander_BMTR - this current batch of disappearing rider issues has been happening for a few months. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for a fix by the weekend. If its load related, best to hope for sunny days around the globe so people are out on bikes and not inside on Zwift perhaps!

Yesterday on a relatively new (3 months) PC / Laptop and more often on an android tablet.
Free riding and following routes the other riders randomly disappear and re-appear, in Team Time Trials after everone around me disappears then I’m dropped out the back, lose the draft and the team is somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds ahead. Was also thrown completely out of the the event on 17 December.
ISP report no issue with network and have replaced wifi extenders.
Next step is to run a data cable to the bike shed.
Any other suggestions to diagnose and stablise welcome.
Many thanks

I think the problem is at Zwift’s end.

Thanks - I’ll log a support call once I’m sure it’s not my home network