Riders go away then come back

during group ride today 3 times it happened I was with a pack and they all went away came back about 30 seconds later. also after when they first went away first time I could send messages but would not show on my computer screen would only show in the companion app? any idea wha’s wrong. Last weekend I had people go away as well and come back. Probably on my part either internet or laptop??

Could be internet connection but it seems to be when you’re doing group rides?

If that’s the case it’s out of your control and often happens during large group rides.

Run the .Fit file through Zwiftalizer which may help diagnose the issue.

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so it happens a lot in groups rides your saying?

It’s usually your internet connection when this sort of thing happens.

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In mass participation events yes it has been known.

Yeah, it happens to me too. I always lose my place in the races because all the other riders disappear. (it happens in races too) it’s not the WiFi because we literally just got new WiFi last month. What’s wrong?

Yeah happened to me the other day as well. All dropped off the PC screen and the companion app. Then they came back.

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I think the problem is at Zwift’s end.