Group Ride event, disappearing riders messes up Event

I was doing a group ride event yesterday, The Herd, which was on Makuri Islands. I was in D category and you are supposed to keep to approx 2w per kg. We were following the leader and all was fine keeping up the pace. Then the event glitched out and all the riders disappeared and you ended up riding by your self for around 30 seconds. This happened at least 4 times in the race. When the other riders reappeared the leader and lots of other riders are way in front, even though you continued cycling the whole time. In fact in the hour ride because of the glitch there was no way to catch them back up to form a group/blob.

This was using an apple tv and companion app in my case. My internet connection was perfect and lots of other riders in this event were experiencing the same problem, not just me. Can this please be looked into ASAP as it is pointless doing group rides if there is a bug and you cannot keep up with the other riders for some reason.

I didn’t experience this myself, but in the group ride I led last night, I also saw an unusual number of riders disappearing and reappearing throughout the ride.


Thanks for the reply. I think its related to the recent update. It was fine before.

Riders disappearing is due to connection issues between your Zwift client and Zwift’s servers.

So that could be caused by something at your end (e.g. spotty wifi or router struggling), something at your broadband provider, or some sort of issues with Zwift’s own servers.

It’s unlikely to be related to an update.

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Thanks. I think it’s the Zwift server since lots of riders had problems by the look of it. Too much of a coincidence. There were quite a few on the ride. Over 200 I would guess.

Mandy you can put your log file in and look at your network status.

I ws on the same ride and I’m sure it was a Zwift issue. Based off the chat many riders were experiencing problems where all other riders would dissapear. I had just applied the update so not sure if that was the cause but it spoiled the ride as the draft seemed to be lost during these glitches meaning you could dissapear out of the back of the group. The frame rate also seemed to be very poor at times.

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I analysed my log file. No network issues and no ANT dropouts i.e. problems were due to Zwift. I did see lower frame rates (around 30) during times when I was getting glitches. I would expect at least 60 normally on a gaming laptop and had this for other parts of the ride.


Makuri Islands is very taxing on most systems.

I agree, this has become very apparent after the Tuesday update (Mac).

Glitches happen sometimes to individual riders, it’s a game, it’s going to happen…Yet last night on the 3R 100km ride (Tempus, Watopia), a number of riders we’re having the glitch happen (including myself).

It’s either an issue Zwift side, or an unbelievable coincidience that all service providers, wifi networks and cable connections all over the world were experience some sort of issue, at the same time :wink:


Hi all, this seems to be more than a network issue.

The DBR Base Endurance Ride (17:00CEST) was hit quite badly tonight. We were in France on RGV. We had several people have issues near the beginning and/or had problems joining. Then about 35/40 min in, multiple people started commenting they had been hit by drop-outs that lasted sometimes 20+ seconds. I saw over a dozen comments before I lost count. Some had no further issues, some continued to have issues.

We figured we would gather some intel to hopefully help… there were no patterns across:
Location - (though many were in DK as might be expected in the DBR ride! There were also many from DK who had no issues)
Operating system - windows, iOS, mac, ATV all represented
Whether they did a full system restart after the update or not

Some said they had issues when free riding as well. Not everyone had tested that though. Several people mentioned that other group rides have had problems. Sadly, some people also mentioned races had been affected (including our Women’s Race from last night) which is really not ideal at all.

In my opinion, this really needs some investigating, many of those who were affected tonight were extremely frustrated. If any more information is useful, please do let me know!

Many thanks


Hi. I was leading C group and there were a lot of people complaining about the same issue. We rode the Suki course. Thanks for addressing this issue #mooo


Why ? The graphics are not particularly special.

I don’t know. I would like to know as well.

Are you kidding? The graphics are very detailed there. Though I am not trying to justify it killing the frame rate.

They may be better than other Zwift worlds but not compared to many other games that run stable high framerates.

That would be a valid comparison for a lot of games, but I can’t see how it’s helpful here if we’re talking about Zwift’s home-grown engine.

Yes, we can speculate about an ideal situation where Zwift rewrites the game, but let’s face reality here …

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I was on Apple TV. No log file I believe?

I dont think it is correct to discount an update factor.

Zwift some time back build in logic to do this “disappearing” to workaround issues of load .
It is perfectly possible that an update could have directly ( or indirectly) changed that logic or its impact.

I think you’re confusing the issue of how many riders you can see close to you with everyone else disappearing from the world (no-one else on the rider list on the right).