Riders disappear

free riding today and all of a sudden all the riders went away and the leader board went away and never came back at all for entire ride??? think theres a bug in the new update we use PC. loaded on my computer and on other load zwift as soon as it connects first laptop riders go away. Before i could open zwift on 2 different devices on same wifi now i cant?

Sounds like your network dropped.


i edited my post with update

Do you open from the same account? That won’t work.

Same account that makes sense

Simlar issues with me since the last few weeks.
Today on a relatively new (3 months) PC / Laptop and an android tablet. Free riding and following routes the other riders randomly disappear and re-appear, but in Team Time Trials I’m dropped out the back, lose the draft and the team is somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds ahead. Was also thrown completely out of the the event on 17 December.
ISP report no issue with network and have replaced wifi extenders.
Next step is to run a data cable to the bike shed.
Any other suggestions to diagnose and stablise welcome.
Many thanks

Hi Gerrie,
maybe you could link this thread with
“Riders disappear at turnoff”
It looks like it may be the same issue.