Riders vanish during events

During 2 out of my last 3 events, nearby riders vanished and did not return. I continued to ride without any glitches. During non-event riding, this has only happened a few times but those were due to my network…everything on the network dropped. During these events, my network seemed absolutely fine. I’ve also heard others have this issue. Any thoughts?


Same here.  And others in this morning’s race said the same had happened over the weekend.  I’ve opened a support ticket and need to send the log files when I get home.   

Since the recent update I have completed 2 group rides and on both the other riders disappeared. Really frustrating as the whole idea was to ride/ train with friends I had invited to ride with me. Please let us  a workaround Zwift support

I lost contact last Saturday morning during a race (with about 15km to go on the Watopia Pretzel course…), and noticed some other flickering or there power going to 0 W/kg during the race.

When it happened to me I was pushing hard on the pedal up the mountain, but my power was “- W” and my avatar would not move anymore… had to DNF ;-(

Hopefully the update today fixes this.

I kept trying to log into Zwift today to race, but everytime I would be all alone and the event module would never show up. So many people are experiencing drop outs and such, why hasn’t Zwift addressed this or at least posted a bulletin to acknowledge the problem? I opened a ticket but it would not surprise me to see them blame the user.