Other riders disappear during events - re-appear afterwards

Posting on behalf of someone else…

Problem seems to be when they do a group ride / race all the other riders disappear. However, when they have finished they can see other riders…

Think they are running Zwift on an iPad, but couldn’t tell you much else about their setup.

Sorry, can’t provide much more info than that. Any ideas?

Could be their wifi connection, check out the article that @Andrei_Istratov wrote on Zwiftinsider:

Strange that they come back after the event however. How many participants were in the event, maybe Zwift is holding back the detail so that it doesn’t crash?


Thanks for this. Probably a bit too technical for the guy having the problem though. I’m sure it is just WiFi issues.

Would be nice to get sorted as he is supposed to be riding a TTT with us later today and is something of a watt monster :smile:

Are they on a Wattbike? Because there is a known issue there with other riders disappearing.