Lost View of other Riders

All other riders disappeared from the Island today after about 5 mins.  I restarted the app and the same happened again after about 20 mins.  I completed my ride of about an hour and the activity save and sync’d to Strava ok.  

I get this when my wifi connection drops out. Watopia gets very lonely!

The “game” doesn’t seem to reconnect at all, only a restart works.

I have the same issue with all the other riders disappearing from The Island and their names disappearing from the RHS of the screen.

Also, when the riders all disappear it effects the usage of the iPhone App. The extra screens (rider riding stats ie rpm etc and rider options ie wave) also become unavailable. I can see all other riders names still on The Island via the iPhone App but my name disappears from here?

I still complete the ride, alas mostly all alone but able to upload file to STRAVA ok.

But I think that it is a WiFi issue and I am trying to solve it at my end. But it would be handy if there was a way the APP could refresh when the WiFi signal returns back to strength.

Otherwise I am loving this APP. Thanks for letting us trial it Zwift

I’ve been having this issue all week long.  Some things I’ve noticed about it:


  • Of the few riders I do see on the island, they are all clustered around the start/finish.  New ones pop in and pop off.  It is almost as if the game thinks I’m in that area rather than out on course.
  • Only 5-10 riders show up in the list on the right hand side but it reports >40 riders usually.
  • I only see other riders when I’m near the start/finish.  Ghost AI riders show up normally it seems.
  • I’m on wifi but everything seems snappy.  I can play netflix and youtube without buffering issues and everything network related feels normal and fast.

Thinking this might be a network issue I tried rebooting my DSL router and I also uninstalled and reinstalled the application.  I was mindful to delete the Zwift configuration folder in my user directory to get a clean slate of settings.  Same issue after an update.

Any ideas for further troubleshooting this?  Anyone else see this happen and have a clue?

I’ve had this same issue. Unfortunately it happened during the FTR last week. Although, it didn’t make a difference of me coming in last place. But I digress, I’ve noticed this problem happens often; I don’t know if it happens every time or certain times. I know it’s not a network issue, because I have full WiFi strength and a strong fast, connection to my router. I’ve never had an issue with other streaming services or online games.


Like others have mentioned, I have been having issues with my iPhone app not connecting or losing connection. It doesn’t see that I’m online. Sometimes it will comeback right away, sometimes it takes a while.

This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the latest build, because I’ve noticed this problem since the opening of the public beta. I thought it was just me.