Other riders dissapeared

Last night whilst riding all the other riders on the island disappeared, I did a couple of laps on my own and they appeared back on the leader board.

Is there any way to edit a post once it is on here?

That would be indicative of your internet connection dropping.

Hey Scott, do you also mean “…or the other rider’s internet connection dropping”?

I’ve seen this happen a couple of times where an individual rider in front of me will evaporate into thin air while other riders remain.

This particular rider that I’m thinking of did blink back pretty quickly–within a few seconds.

this keeps happening to me too, my wifi is strong though.  all riders peel off the road and then disappear.  no ghost riders on the island either.  Im wondering if my fan which i have next to laptop could be sending out some interference.  is this possible or likely?  I will move it behind me and test further.

I generally had few issues in Zwift until last week. My wifi connection got so flaky last week that I decided to pull an ethernet cable to the garage. Now I have gigabit ethernet to the rest of the house and the problem is resolved.

I’m speculating that something might have changed either on the server communication side causing more latency or the Ant+ side causing more interference with wi-fi.