Disappearing riders

Shortly after starting my ride, all other riders disappeared, including the ‘nearest riders’ window on the right of the screen. I logged out & back in, but same result. On the 3rd attempt Zwift warned ‘Garmin Connect’ was running and may conflict. I turned off my Garmin device and works perfectly.  Anybody else experienced this or know how to resolve issue. 

I dont think that was a Garmin issue Mike.  I saw the same thing yesterday.  I’m a geek for a living and with the high winds I believe what we experienced was a bit of a internet outage.  Some gamers would call it a Net Split.  We connect to more than one server at Zwift.  With the high winds there was a little communications dropout between their servers.  For a few seconds at a time your list would only contain those directly connected to the same server, or just you for a very short time.  Truly nothing to worry about.  Common in just about any form of online gaming.

Thanks for that Mike, my concern was that ‘all’ riders disappeared and never came back. I would then have to log out/back in to establish new connection and all riders had reappeared, but then after a few minutes, the same thing would happen again. I figured it might be a drop out between laptop & router, so was going to connect via cable (as opposed to wireless), to see if that helped.