Rider list disappears

(Max Brenes ODZ (C)) #1

Not sure if this is a bug but during my last two ride. The rider list completely disappear and all of the avatar near me disappear as well.  The list reappear, but after a while when trying to catch up to someone they disappear again.

Not sure how to fix.

(Steve Farries) #2

This has been happening to me also… Did you get any advice?

(John Jefferson) #3

Hi, have ridden three times using Zwift and each time I have lost all other riders after a few minutes.

My internet connection is the issue? How come once Internet returned the other riders do not also return?

Having other riders around you is motivating and distinguishes Zwift from TACX RLV’s as an example. Without this other riders what is there to distinguish Zwift?

(Max Brenes ODZ (C)) #4

I submitted a trouble ticket and have not receive a response yet.

(Max Brenes ODZ (C)) #5

I received a response 

You typically won’t see other riders because of your Internet connection. Either you’re not connected to the Internet, a firewall is blocking you, or you have a proxy/VPN enabled.


If your Internet connection is stable, check your firewall and create an exception for Zwift to see if that makes a difference (this includes your anti-virus firewall, router firewall, and modem firewall). And if you have a proxy or VPN, try disabling that.



(John Jefferson) #6

Internet is stable. The other riders are there at the beginning of the ride, then disappear. Today it was exactly 3.15 seconds into the ride. Unsure why firewall would suddenly decide to block a conversation, unless ZWIFT starts using an unsolicited UDP port? 

(Max Brenes ODZ (C)) #7

Update: I disable my Symantec Antivirus software, and added an exception for the Zwift application.  Rode today for one and half-hour and had no further issues.  Try it seems to be the solution.

(John Jefferson) #8

Hi, this is driving me crazy. Lost power-ups a few days ago, as well. Removed Mcafee, now using Windows firewall, allowed ZWIFT inbound, UDP, any TCP initiated from outside, to ZWIFT. I have seen another post mentioning UDP 3022, outbound but that is automatically allowed. My hub had ZWIFT definitions, so I am using those. Still lost other riders although I am sure I could hear them! Please ZWIFT just tell us the transport ports used, I don’t want to get my sniffer out.

(Mark Minn HPP) #9

Anyone come up with a solution to this issue? It’s been happening to me all the time…

(John Jefferson) #10

Still hoping a definitive fix will become available.

(Max Brenes ODZ (C)) #11

I created a trouble ticket still awaiting a response,  after my Oct 8th post the same issue occur with riders disappearing. Disable antivirus and place an exception on the firewall. I was able to figure out what ports the application uses and added them to my router, but that did not help either.  I included my logs with my trouble ticket and hope to get a response soon.

(John Jefferson) #12

I also have ticket open for this issue.

(. Mike Elder) #13

This is driving me absolutely mad!


I too have the same issue. Last week it even got to the point that I reinstalled windows and it solved the problem for one day.

Here is it working on Thursday (looking great):


Now I’ve just tried to use zwift tonight and I’m back to the same issue.

See here for a youtube link showing the issue.


I can see other riders chat, it says everyone is online, I can join them etc, I just cant see them. 

The wierd thing is as well that as I’m the only rider on the course I get the sprint, KOM and orange jersey!

Please please get this sorted zwift. Its obviously a problem at your end. I have tried disabling firewall, anti virus etc. I’ve got 40MB DL / 20MB Upload broadband…my connection is fine with all other apps.

Please look into this.

(Mark Minn HPP) #14

I can’t explain why, but my problems went away after I installed a new video card. Mike, your YouTube links are confusing to me. Your Thursday ride is on the Richmond course? Normally it is only on Sunday through Tuesday. And your other video from today is on Watopia…which would make sense to be empty, as everyone else is on the Richmond course until later tonight. If your computers clock is set to the wrong date you could be sent to the wrong course.

(. Mike Elder) #15

Well spotted! Yes this was Sunday… The pc clock must have been wrong! 

(Jake Olson (C)) #16

I have the same problem.  All riders disappear and my phone app loses it’s connection.  I submitted a ticket and got the same advice as above, but i don’t have a PC, I use a Macbook AIr.  Waitiing for a reply.  Very frustrating.