Deserted island / vanishing riders

i did a ride tonight (4 PM EST) and was the only rider on the island. Every once in a while the rider list would expand to include a list of 20-30 riders and a few would pop up in my view but then vanish immediately.

Any idea what would cause that?

Hi Chris,

This looks to, most likely, be an internet connection issue. Does this happen frequently with your set-up or is this first instance of it happening?

This is the second time that this has happened - it also occurred on 2/15.

My network connection seemed solid for the time of the ride - I was receiving email and never received any other error messages regarding network.

Perhaps its a firewall issue - are there particular ports that need to be open?

Possibly a firewall issue but if it doesn’t happen reliably then I’m not entirely certain. If it’s something that is persistent, please drop us a support ticket if possible.