Rider list and Random Rider appearances/disappearances

This is probably a internet issue but starting last Tuesday April 14th, no changes at my end.

  1. the rider list jumps, will be full,mr hen different riders, then I jump to top with only 6 or so riders? My internet seems to speed check OK and I am getting a great ant+ signal to Zwift.

  2. other riders will appear out of nowhere, go away, ride off the road, and come back 5 minutes later.


Do you think it’s my end or a internet, other user thing?


Thanks, Ride On

Monty Stanley

I have witnessed this behavior as well and I believe that it is a server side bug. Next time you do a ride start a ping to -t and if you dont experience any packet loss or high latency during this behavior then it is almost guaranteed to be on the server end.

I had this same behavior happen to me on my last Zwift ride on 4/15 … it happened 2 or 3 times throughout the ride.  My internet connection was solid (I believe) as I was streaming music at the same time without interruption.

Hi Monty,

If you see this happen again, please open up a support ticket and send us your log files (Documents > Zwift > Logs) so we can get a better idea of what’s happening.


I experienced the same for my last 2 rides. Other riders jumping on and off…

I  opened a support ticket and sent a few log files, per Eric. Zwift thinks I have a issue with my wifi or network. That could be the case, since our Ariss system stopped recording telephone messages at about the same time my weirdness started… The cable company is coming out to replace our Gateway box tomorrow.

its weird since we still have internet with great speed and cable works great, and I have never had these symptoms on Zwift before.

I was on a wireless network connection and would see that sort of issue when there were lots of signals bouncing around the house (wife riding her bike next to me, kids using other computers, etc.)

I have since connected the zwift machine via ethernet cable and have had no issues with riders disappearing.