First abandoned ride

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been on the beta since mid-December and my setup (Kickr, ANT+ dongle, Surface Pro 3) has been very stable, across 783 miles. I’ve had maybe 5-6 ANT+ dropouts, with only one of those above 10 seconds or so. Apart from that it’s been great.

Until tonight.

I got set up for a nice Friday nice ride but noticed pretty early that the whole list of riders was jumping all over the place, from showing all to just me and everything in between. Worse, riders I was alongside were jumping back and forth, disappearing and going from 10 metres behind to suddenly well ahead of me. The system wasn’t overloaded (the max I saw beneath the rider board was “13 more”).

I ended up giving up after a single lap since it wasn’t stable/useful at all. That’s the first time this has happened to me. I have a long ride lined up for tomorrow, so fingers crossed

Internet issues ?

Sounds completely internet connection related. I’d guess rebooting your router may have solved the issue.

How much bandwidth is required to run Zwift?
I’m fibre connected 152mb download and 12mb upload and ping less than 10ms, but can still suffer if my router has been on for weeks on end.

Not sure what this was. It could have been Internet-related but I saw no other indicators at home that this was the case. Everything else was working fine and I have a fast service. Yesterday all was working fine again (I never need to reboot my router so don’t think that was a factor). So, it was transient but a little confusing since there were no other symptoms of any issues.

In terms of beta feedback, it would be good if Zwift could somehow report an issue with connectivity if it exists. I would hope there’s some way to detect such a situation (rebuilding the rider list multiple times would seem to be at least a hint) and it would be good if there was some “Connection may be slow”-type indicator.