Is this a Zwift problem or on my end?

I’ve been on Zwift about 6 weeks now.  The last few rides I’ve been seeing issues where I start out and the rider list fails to fully populate.  I will see riders zoom past me and suddenly disappear, riders flying off the road.  Then the rider list depopulates and all the riders disappear.  The happen many times throughout the ride. Sometimes the rider list is incomplete with no rider names or flags.  There are usually a few lockups as well.  So is this something amiss with the Zwift servers or is it performance on my end?  I am using WiFi.  My signal is not the greatest but I typically see speeds from 9-14Mbps.  I assume that should be fast enough but maybe there are problems with dropouts.  It seems worse when there are more riders.  Any thoughts?

Happened to me as well this evening. Exactly rhe same symptoms.

Me too, last night.


Then I couldn’t restart due to a forced update getting half way through and repeatedly ‘crashing’ my wifi. This happened several times at the same point in the update.


Finally managed to get it update this morning.


Serious gremlins.