Rider list keeps dropping/collapsing

On my last three rides I have noticed a number of issues.
All of them seem to be related 1, the list of active riders collapses, just before this happens active riders around me run off course and vanish from the screen. As a result, I am unable to draft any rider for any sustained period of time.

Sounds like you are losing your network connection periodically.

John, I keep getting the same thing happen to me, my wifi is showing full signal strength, I tried moving laptop on tonight to see if that helped, was ok for about 3 minutes then Zwift tried to re-open !!

I have sent files to Zwift, will see what happens


Rik/John, did you find a solution?

I have the same problem, full signal on wifi according to laptop but losing all info on screen, sometimes loads to zwift after finish as a partial but then doesn’t transfer to strava? EXTREMELY ANNOYING!! I was borderline scrapping zwift last night!!!

Hi, did you get this resolved, as my last two rides have done exactly the same.

Gordon, I got a wifi booster and re-did all my wifi connection and that seems to have sorted it? possibly more of a wifi problem than a zwift?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your remedy. I have already installed a booster and now I have ordered fibre as our download speed is only around 7/8 mbs. Hopefully this will solve the problem, but I’ll have to wait until 22nd to find out. I will post once tried out.