No Rider List?

Hi all

Did a Zwift race on the weekend. When I actually started the event, the rider list disappeared - during the warmup in the ‘corral’ I could see the chat where the rider list would normally be and then when the race started that section of the screen was just blank. I’m using an ipad.

Is this a setting controllable by the person who set up the race? Or something in my user settings? It make racing really hard as it was a mixed group and I didn’t know if I was near ‘my group’ or with higher category riders.

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This happened to me today as well… It’s really annoying as in earlier races I had an idea how far other racers were ahead of me.
I was essentially racing “blind” today.

Seems to be broken again … happened today, too.

A few possible resources:

I think for me it might have to do with the Sterzo Smart Steering being disabled for the race which then kept me pinned on a line left of everyone else without auto-steering reenabled. All avatars stayed visible and the number of riders (+11 in group) stayed correct (but switched to group ride display instead of race and showed only myself). Also all riders have been correctly visible on map and course for the whole race.

This happened to me yesterday – no rider list, so I was racing blind (until I quit). I noticed before the race that a group of riders (probably all those in my category) were bunched at the start line (as usual), but there was also a string of riders lined up even further back – not sure who they were, or whether the issue was connected.

This happened to day with the 3R Volcano Flat Race. At the start, the screen informed me that Steering was to be disabled which was not a problem, but for the whole event there was no “Rider List” and all other Zwifters who were using the course were visible.
I enjoyed the event, but I wouldn’t choose to ride like that again.

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Same here i WTRL TTT: see my stream, can only see 4 og my 8 teammates, and mid race everybody goes bye bye.



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I had something similar. 15.05 UK time today and 21.20 last night. Both races on London classique course. Rider list disappears. Could also see all the other non-race riders going round London. Also think I could draft these non-race riders. I tried messaging to ask if others had the same problem but no response. I did show up in both zwift and zwift power results. Not clear if other riders in the race could see me

Thats an interesting thought. I didn’t think of that. I posted a comment that I didn’t know who was in the race, and no-one replied. Maybe I was invisible.

Same here yesterday on Crit City.

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This past Wednesday TTR Morning race - no rider board was visible during the race. Same thing happened the following morning at the KISS AT RACE- AMERICAS AM race - no rider board visible and the course was filled with other (non race) riders.

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tnx, similar issues but on much older versions.

All seem to refer to not having internet connection, but I rode the whole race without dropping out.
When I have internet connections, I can’t continue riding. This has happened to me before.

I communicated with someone on Strava who had seen me…

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I don’t think it’s a always a matter of complete absence of internet—perhaps little imperfections in the data stream. Quoting @shooj from another thread:

For this sort of thing, it helps to see the log files on your computer for that specific session. Here’s how to locate the log files. Please attach them to an email to so we can learn what may have happened.

Perhaps you could also run the log file(s) through Zwiftalizer yourself to look for any issues.

I’ll have a go at that. However, it’s not just dips or imperfections. The rider list disappears shortly after the start of a race and is gone for the rest of the race. Others seem to indicate the same.
When I warm down and go back cycling just like that in whatever world, I see loads of ‘zwifters nearby’. It seems to be race-specific.

If I have it again, I’ll go through zwiftalizer but this should be looked at by Zwift. The issue started shortly after an update :man_shrugging:

FYI, I did a ZHQ Beta Crit City race last night and the rider list worked fine on Windows 10.

I don’t really do races, but my son does races typically 2x per week (of various kinds–Crit City + others) and has never had any issues like this whatsoever (ATV4k).

Serioulsy it’s not our internet, it is across the whole platform. @shooj, It’s a very big issue!! Needs to be attended now.

Exactly; I think some are getting mixed up with different issues here.

There has been a very specific issue since the Steering update affecting EVERYONE within certain events and certain Worlds.

  • Rider list is empty apart from self

  • Those outside the event are visible

I did 2 back to back races Thursday but only the first (Innsbruckring) had the bug

To be clear, all those in the race experienced the same.