No Rider List?

Not had this issue for a few weeks but experiencing again now in a London classique race. Quite annoying

Yes, just completed a crit city race and rider list disappears just after we started. Very annoying. I have no issues with my internet. I do hope this gets sorted.

Happened to me during Crit City last night even worse was all other riders on the course were visible so I couldn’t make out the race bunch. And loads of strange green arrows over their heads.

I’ve been having the same issue, rider list disappearing and those outside the race are visible and draftable. Basically racing blind because I have no idea of time gaps or which riders are in the race and which aren’t
The only races where I am not having these problems are the ZHQ Futureworks races.

So just done a ZHQ crit city race.

These appear to be races where Zwift try new ideas.

I hope they recognise racing blind is a bad one.

The green arrows I believe are anti sandbag so if the rider has a green arrow they should go up a Category. How this helps I don’t know because at the end in B Cat 22 out of 30 averaged over 4.2W/kg