Riders nearby board empty on group rides/races

Hi there,
I’ve experienced a few times over the last couple of weeks a strange behavior, where I’m not able to see who’s nearby, even riding among others. The board on the right just shows myself, indicates the number of people on the race/group/cat are more, but doesn’t display anyone. Can’t see others’ distances, watts, nothing.

Happening in Windows 10 notebook.

Same for me yesterday on a race, Apple TV user

This is generally a sign of a bad internet connection. Is your ATV hardwired, or WiFi? If WiFi I would suggest updating your router settings to use a specific channel, as opposed to searching for the best channel.


Correct, and thank you Nigel for sharing that!

You can repro this problem easily on a laptop, by just disconnecting your WIFI during a ride. After about 5-10 seconds, all other riders will disappear, and your nearby list will be empty as described by Jonas.

If you re-connect, you will see the world and nearby list re-populate!

We have been iterating on several designs to communicate these internet problems to the user, and alert them during their save at end of ride, when it matter most.

I don’t have a firm ETA, but I believe we are targeting an August release.
Thanks again for the post.

Sorry, I don’t buy it. I was warming up and saw all the riders around me, no problem. Went to my race and when it started I was the only one listed on the rider list. I could see other riders in the companion app and avatars riding next to me but the list was empty except for me. AND there were a ton of non-racers riding the same course. The race results looked like we raced a normal race but boy was it confusing to be racing with so many casual riders and even a few runners. Please don’t tell me it was my internet because my teammate who lives on the other side of town had the same problem in the same race.


Still could have been an internet issue, but at the ISP level. Your ISP could have blocked or had issues with some ports that Zwift uses at that is why you could see others, but not the see anyone in the Nearby list.

I had the same this afternoon with the Dowsett group workout. Usually only me listed in the rider list (sometimes an extra rider would be shown for a short period), but the workout continued just fine and other riders around me never disappeared.
But I did join the event a few minutes late, so I assumed it was the reason.
Luckily the rider list doesn’t bother me during a workout :slight_smile:
During the earlier race, the list showed correctly. Same pc, same router.

All I can really say is that when I started with ATV I had these same issues with some regularity. After scouring the 'net for a while I found a thread somewhere that suggested changing the WiFi router to a fixed channel. I did that and have not had any issues since. You might give it a shot and see what happens.

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this is not an internet issue, I just lead a group ride and all 100 riders had no rider list on screen or on companion app, unless all 100 people had internet issues, but didn’t then it appears that on the latest patch update zwift have yet again broken something


Sunspots? :rofl:

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Same issue on a 3R race this evening, reported by loads taking part. It’s nothing to do with my internet connection. The race inexplicably took place on the open world (Watopia) so I could see everyone else riding around perfectly normally, as well as everyone I was racing with. Nobody disappeared, or came back.


how could it be related to some internet port, if to me it only happens in group/race rides? when solo it’s just fine. only if zwift uses a different port for a very specific feature in different occasions…

and just as described above, the last time for example, was a 1h30 ride where i could see others besides me, was drafting them, sprinting with them. if it was connection related i’d have lost everybody or maybe seems like a intermittent problem, going back and forth.

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Maybe something was/is wrong with zwift’s internet? :wink:

Yesterday I experienced the same. Races but the right hand side said group riders nearby and was empty for the entire race. The road included everyone (people doing workouts etc) I wasn’t sure it I was actually in the race so I asked and four people replied they also couldn’t see anyone else on the right hand side. Ended up getting a race result.


Yep, I got the results board at the finish line and everything saved as normal from the race.


Yep, same for me yesterday, definitely not internet issue. Was race in NY, using iPad


I had the exact same problem as Bob today, in 2 separate races … saw all the racers in the pen at the start … saw all the riders (avatars with bikes and riders) on the road … but the list of nearby riders was not populated, except with myself and occasionally one other rider … but in the mini-map, I could see all of the riders and they were colour-coded by Categories (Blue for C, Red for A, etc.) … so it was not an internet issue. There’s a post in the Zwft Racers Facebook group with 7 or 8 other people who had the same thing happen to them today, in various races.


So is anyone at Zwift looking into this issue? It’s obvious it’s not an internet connectivity issue … one of the guys in the comments said that his whole group of 100 riders in a group ride had the same issue.


I have the same issue for the last 2 days, it is not a internet issue. I report this uring the race in the messages and a lot of other riders report the same!


Thanks for the reports, everyone. I’m seeing that you’re reporting in from many different continents, so it’s unlikely that this is a regional ISP issue.

We’re on the case! Will keep you updated with a fix.


I raced today on Downtown Dolphin and the rider list was up. I don’t believe that Downtown Dolphin is an open course so the issue could be related when racing or doing a group ride on a route that is also open. I know when the issue hit the race I was in we were riding among all sorts of other riders. Anyway, Zwift says they’re on it so :crossed_fingers: