Riders nearby board empty on group rides/races

I did two races yesterday (the 17th), on Bell Lap and Downtown Dolphin, and both races had that same problem (at least for me … not sure if the other riders had the same problem). I wasn’t on Zwift today (the 18th), so not sure if the problem is still there for me.

Bob, Lorena, David:

Looks like i mis-diagnosed this issue (sorry!)

Based on feedback, agree - clearly different issue than internet drop-out.

There was internal chatter earlier today ( before I even read these posts ) so yeah, Zwift is aware. Good to ask though.

And sincere thanks to you and others for the reports!


do you think that maybe you could pull some of the team that is working on a fence that isn’t necessary off and get them working on fixing this first???

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Hi Shane!
I understand your frustration. Rest assured, we have no “team” working on the fence, and this issue is a priority for us. We are working furiously away on the next monthly release!

Your question does raise a fair point of how we may appear to prioritize new features over bug fixes. Sometimes we do it willingly or for business reasons. Other times, especially if a bug breaks late in a release cycle, it’s just a timing issue - the bug has to wait til the next patch.
Either way, it’s important we hear from our customers on their priorities.
Thanks again for the post,

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Kickr core to MacBook via Bluetooth

One day I had this issue (no one else on the group rides near by list in a race)


Then the next day it worked as usual


Very strange because I don’t believe I changed anything over night so maybe it depends on the type of race or something more random.

ATV here. I was in a race with 200+ starters but all I could see was myself and I wasn’t interested in a time trial :rofl:. Exited, joined another race and things behaved as expected.

Same issue. On my group ride this morning, all the group riders disappeared for the whole event. Lasted for the whole event. Even when I left the event, there were no riders. Thank you for your support on this.

Is this still an issue, or has it been resolved? I haven’t been riding in a few days, so I’m curious.

good question. did a race today and it didn’t happen, but don’t know if they’ve addressed it.

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I haven’t had this happen since the first couple times when I reported it. Looks like it’s ok now.

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ATV4K user:

My son tried to do a Crit City race last night (cat C), but he ended up aborting because there wasn’t a single other rider in the pen, and no names in the typical right-hand side list.

As I’m planning to ride a Virtual L’Etape stage tomorrow am and want to obviate any issues beforehand, I opened Zwift just a bit ago and entered a few rides just to investigate—everything looked normal in Watopia and NY, but in Richmond there were no riders visible on the course and no list of names on the right (in spite of the route preview page suggesting some 655 riders in Richmond at the time). After unplugging and replugging the ATV, Richmond had riders again. I’ll do a few more tests later today, as I’d rather not ride the L’Etape course all alone tomorrow am :confused:

@xavier_nihilo if using ATV, be sure to always force quit the app after every use. Force quit the Companion app before starting a ride, also. And be sure that you’re not logged in on any other devices.

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What do you consider a “use”? Do you mean before I do another course, before another user uses the ATV (my son and I both use it under different accounts), other?

I would say a ‘use’ constitutes a single ride. If you finish a ride and want to start another, then force quit the app and start again. (Same with Companion app.). It doesn’t take much time, but seems to solve a lot of issues.

ALWAYS save & exit after each person finishes a ride / run.
If you log in to check something but don’t actually run / ride - exit by clicking the trash can.
Either method logs you out affirmatively, and this in turn will make your experience SO MUCH smoother.

@shooj Yes, we always save the actual rides and garbage can the investigations—either of these brings one back to the initial “pick a user” page. From here we had always just turned off the tv monitor and considered the process finished. Not sure entirely if by “save and exit” you mean simply log out via saving or garbage canning a ride (what we had always done, but one step less than what @Nigel_Tufnel recommended); whatever the case, we’ll be saving/garbage canning + force-quitting the app from now on.

Hi, this happened to me last night for the first time. In a race with about 40 others in my category and many in other categories (and strangely, could see non race riders and workout riders which was confusing) the riders nearby list was empty except for me and a note that said “+61 more in group”. I looked at the screenshots of a couple of other participants and their riders nearby list said exactly the same thing. It’s annoying in a race - especially approaching the finish - when you can’t identify who is around you.

Same here in WTRL Yesterday: first i could only see 4/8 teammates then at 10k Togo, I was by my self and no riders in list:(
No it’s not internet dropout, my stream is ok. And discord where fine.

Zwift fix!

I have it on my stream: https://www.facebook.com/DBRLiveDK/videos/3117668311684487/

happened again yesterday, france map, in the DIRTy USA Cycling Ride, with dozens of people, and many reporting the problem during the event.