New to Zwift, don't see many others when cycling

I joined a few days ago, cycling Richmond, London, Champ elysee, 10, 15 and 10km.

While it tells me there’s thousands of 'nearby riders I virtually never see any. On the extremely rare occasion that I pass someone out they only appear at the very last second.

Am I doing something wrong? For me I imagine a lot of the fun would be approaching someone who is far away, seeing yourself catching up and also a good motivation to go quickly.


This is more than likely an issue with your internet connection or your ISP.

What you can do is restart your modem, router and computer to see if that helps.


Thanks. I’m in the garage, totally separate to main house where modem is so that could be it.
Will do a test in the house and see.

When I tried to join 2 events ‘finding other riders’ appeared in a banner, right hand panel said others had joined but banner still in screen & my bike static. Would this be from poor internet connection as well?

Yes, it could be.

Yes. Sounds like weak internet signal. Try a range extender for your router.

Definitely sounds like connectivity issues

Try taking your computer inside , closer to the router and see if you see more riders when you just “watch” Zwift.
Log in the same way you do when you ride except at the pairing screen, select “skip”.
You should see your avatar in game at the spawn point and lots of other riders.
You can click on the name of a rider and follow them thru Zwift as if you were riding with them.

Thanks for the replies. So I have a few options:

  1. use mobile phone as a mobile hot spot. Tried this but having issues with my laptop picking up the hot spot.
  2. get a HDMI connector, connect mobile to monitor (this would use mobile data so connection should be strong)
  3. Amazon Firestick with hot stop and screen mirroring.
  4. Buy a internet booster.
    Will try and update how I get on.

What’s an internet booster?

I’m guessing they meant ‘WiFi booster’.

I connected my phone to laptop, used mobile data and lo and behold, the route (Richmond) was crowded!
Lile going from being a hermit to waking up in a busy city. I love it.
(ya, I meant WiFi booster)

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