Riding Alone

I haven’t been able to see anyone on my rides for the last 3 rides? I can see the group chat; however, no riders appear on the right as “close to me” or on the course.



Hi Ryan,

Can you try power-cycling your modem and/or router by unplugging it for 20 seconds, plugging it back in, then starting Zwift and seeing if people show up with you?

i too have the same issue, no riders near me in the list or on the coarse. i hope it is just a hot key or a fix somewhere. would like to ride with others again.


What course were you riding at the time?


This has been on all three map areas and any course that is selected.

eg, greater London, box hill, Richmond, volcano, jungle loop, the Alte du heaz climb, three sisters. etc

this is on a windows laptop