No Riders on all courses


After the login I see no riders on the course. I try it on Watopia, Lonon and Ritchmond. The route is completely empty. The Join the Event button is also not displayed. I have tried it with the PC and with the iPad. Is there a technical problem?

Greetings Thomas

Thanks for the heads up.  Our server team is aware of the issue and has started looking into it.   I suspect you’ll be able to ride alone and do workouts, however the events and riding with others may be down for a short while.

I’ll post more when we have more details.

No Riders and then 1 FPS during a WO. Last Zwift before real life in europe. Lol


Should be back up now.  

I’m having a similar issue, in group rides the field is empty(everyone else is invisible), and the leader board comes and goes.

The above is two months old now, and I am wondering, if it has been sorted, as I am experiencing the same problem now. The course is deserted and list of riders nearby empty.

Jenner: that was just a short outage. It has been running perfect since.

check your internet connection. 

Hi Gerrie,

thanks a million for such a quick response.

My internet connection is fine, <18ms and >20Mbps stable. It always worked via this connection ever since, and I also tested it during this particular Zwift session.
I will try again soon, and we’ll see, maybe I won’t be on my own again.

I hope you get it fixed. I use that tool to look at my log file, give it a try and look and see if you don’t get any dropouts.

Also did you update any virus protection software lately, I have seen that can block some ports. 


The one thing that is nice about riding alone is all the Jerseys that you can get, HA HA.



I will try soon.

Wish you were right about the jerseys - would be worth some screen shots  ;-)   -
but the leader board is shown with actual times, AND the times I achieved, weren’t entered in there. Weird!
If worse comes to worst, I’ll flatten the whole PC (Zwift is the only thing, I am using it for) and re-install everything from scratch, but I would prefer not to have to waste so much time.
Thanks a bundle for all your advice anyway!



I had this happen a couple weeks ago and it turned out to be an unstable internet connection. The Wifi was good, but the connection to the internet was a little spotty. I ended up restarting the modem and router and it seemed to be fine after that.

It could also be the amount of connections to your router that could be causing issues. 

Ya, I had the same jersey issue and never ended up getting any even though I was the only one on course.

If you have the option to hard wire every thing that will also help a lot.