All alone?

I was riding last night and suddenly I was the only Zwifter. I logged off and back on and there were no Zwifters on any route. It sort of defeats the purpose for me. What have I done wrong?

Sounds like an issue with your internet connection. You might want to restart your modem and router to see if that resolves the issue.

Yes. I also tried to ride last night and no zwifters were there. I thought something was wrong so I just skipped the ride since I didn’t feel like troubleshooting.
Everything was fine this AM.

Yeah, sounds like network problems – but in that case he wouldn’t even be able to log back in again, surely.

Could be an issue with the Internet Service Provider or DNS. Hard to troubleshoot once the issue is beyond your router.

I have also seen this happen when certain ports get blocked at either the router or the ISP.

I’m having the same issues. Lost everyone at the beginning of Stage 8 last night - it was intermittent for a bit, then solo. I exited after 10km. This after a successful 40 minute warmup. Not a network issue since both my rides saved without a problem. I was on Apple TV. Today, I’m still solo when I login - whether on Apple TV or IOS, and whether over a hard wired connection, wifi, or even mobile not connected to wifi. So, not a connection issue.

It still could be a network/internet connection level, but just at the ISP level. Try restarting your modem and router.

I will check when I get home. Thank you. I will post an update when I know.

Hey guys, we had a blip on our servers that was causing this issue, but all should be working now! :slight_smile:
You can check out our server status page over at

Ride On!

I was unable to check it out yesterday because of a snow event that demanded my attention. I am glad to hear it should be working correctly and I am anxious to get back to it. I definitely won’t be riding outside for a couple days! Thanks all!