No riders in multiple rides this morning

I got up early to do a group ride and when I started a few minutes before the gun no one was there. The event started and I was the only one on the board and no other riders on the streets. I exited the event and entered two other rides with the same experience. I wasn’t sure if it was a bug, my equipment (Apple TV 4K), or just no one else participated.

I did my first group ride a few days ago with no problem and it was excellent.

You can see how many other riders are signed up for an event in the Companion app. There should have at least been a group leader there. I would suspect you need to update your Apple TV to the latest Zwift release. You also should force quit the Zwift app and then unplug the Apple TV.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

Yes, rebooting the Apple TV seemed to do the trick (System and Ap were already up to date). I sat in a ride at lunch time and it worked as it should. Thanks!