Leaderboard Not Updating on Group Rides

The last few group rides I have done the Leaderboard is inaccurate. For instance the last ride I did there was over 250 riders. All ride it showed me about 3 from the back which was not the case. I was riding beside the yellow beacon and he said that he was at 150. No matter who I passed or who passed me it did not change. As the ride progressed the leaderboard was not showing all the riders near me. The group ride ended and everything returned to normal. I later checked Zwiftpower and finished 44/103.

It has happened on numerous group rides and on the last two TDZ events.

My wife rode later and the leaderboard seemed to be doing the same thing.

My trainer is a wahoo kickr snap and my hardware is Apple TV, latest gen.


I have the same issue since the latest Apple TV Zwift app update.

Hi Rob, I deleted the app and reinstalled it. It looks like it may have resolved the issue. I did a few other things, so if it does not fix it let me know and I will share what else I did

Thanks Jack will give it a shot. :+1:

Same issue on Android.
Seemed to work fine for my Tour de Zwift ride, but group ride after it showed me 6th from last the entire ride.
Is it maybe showing your placing on rides where it’s disabled? And thus getting bad data? Just a thought.

Hi Jack I’m still stuck what else did you try that might have worked?
Cheers Rob

Hi Rob,

In addition to deleting and reinstalling I also hardwired the Apple TV device directly to my router. I have since disconnected it.

Mine seems to be working in that the last group ride I did the ‘riders near me’ was accurate. I have only done one group ride with a leaderboard and it worked. I will try another one over the next few days and see if it is holding up.

I heard back from Zwift support. They gave the standard canned ‘your internet connection’ response

Thanks Jack. The riders near me are correct too. Just no idea of race position until I check Zwift power or the results. Glad yours seems to be working. I’ll try plugging Apple TV into the router.