Leaderboard bug on iPad?

Has anyone had a leaderboard bug with latest version of Zwift on iPad, with riders remaining on the board after they finish riding? This morning we had a group ride in NY, 10 riders. After the ride, most stopped riding and exited. A few of us continued for a few more laps. All our group’s riders who had stopped riding were still showing on the sprint leaderboard on my iPad well after they had stopped riding, whereas they no longer showed on the leaderboard of another friend still riding who was running Zwift on ATV. On her screen I appeared in the green jersey for the sprint, on mine I did not as I was second on my leaderboard, with the first place another rider from our group who had stopped riding by that time. Probably wouldn’t have noticed as I would have just assumed all the people on the leaderboard were still riding - it was only when my friend said nice green jersey that we realised she was seeing a different board to me! And then noticing all our other riders were still on my leaderboard when we knew they’d stopped an hour before when the group ride ended. Weird.
I am running Version 1.30.0 on iPad.