Race position on live leaderboard static

Hi Jack
I’ve done a reinstall but still showed 11th from last all of the last race. Zwift support told me they’re aware of the bug and to leave it with them! I’ve not come across any work around and no one else in my club has the same problem so it’s quite a rare thing. What else did you try to get it working again?
Cheers, Rob

I had a similar situation in a group ride today. Stayed at position 540 the entire ride.

I thought the problem would go away when I wasn’t in TDZ event. My position is still showing near the rear for the entire event that I’m in. Reinstalled the app on Apple TV and nothing has changed.

Have had this happen 3 times now where my leader board position does not change. In two of the races I was on discord with other racers who could not see me in the race although I am riding with them on my screen. Really changes the race dynamics when you’re invisible the whole ride!

Latest Zwift update doesn’t address this either. I wonder if they still get a draft from you if they can’t see you!?

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Can confirm they do not. One race I had this issue on was a Team Time Trial so I was dead weight and me pulling at the front was just wasted effort as I was invisible to them

I’m also having this issue intermittently but most races and group rides recently. Zwift response has been their classic “internet connection” problems or to delete and reinstall the app… Clearly a bug

Any fix on this!? Having the same issue- last every ride regardless.So frustrating

The latest Zwift update solved it for me.