In-race position not showing correctly

Since the latest update my in-race position is not showing correctly - e.g. during TdZ it was showing me as about 1400/1420, even though my real position was about 200. Stayed like that for the entire event until I crossed the line and it showed correctly.

Yes, using very old iPad (Air2), but it was working perfectly until this update. Not a problem for group rides, but it’s going to place me at a real disadvantage for WTRL.

Anyone else experience this?

Same happened to me in Doddieaid ride and a Tdz race/group ride. Deleted app on Apple TV and reinstalled… not tried another race yet. Hopefully fixed :pray:t2:

This is still happening to me and it’s very frustrating. I’m going to try and delete the app on Apple TV as well and see if it helps. I’ll also try and participate in an event on my phone and see if I have the same issue.