Race placing not visible

I haven’t seen any other posts on this, so I thought it was just me. However, a friend I spoke had the same issue, so I thought this may not just be a standalone issue after all.

The thing is: recently, I rode the Zwift Tour de Europe stages 3 and 5. However, when riding, there was no indication whatsoever on any other riders riding with/near me. Also, no indication of my placing in the race, which makes it hard to tell how I’m doing…

Is this is bug? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a known issue?


The riding alone issue is probably server based and happens from time to time.

Have you checked out zwiftpower.com for resuts Victor?

Thanks Paul, I am familiar with zwiftpower, and have checked for results, although they don’t really matter much to me.

However, it’s good the hear that it’s most likely a server based error rather than a client error. Hopefully it won’t be happening too often…


Hi Victor: 

I did the Tour de Zwift Europe 1,3 and 4 with no issues. You might have to check your network connection.

You can use zwiftalizer.com and drop your log file of the ride to see if you had any network issues.

See my screenshot of the 1st and 4th race/ride.


Thanks Gerrie, I will also keep an eye on my network connection as apossible culprit!