Rider in race doesn't show up to me

My friend and I decided to both do a master race yesterday and both registered. While waiting in the start pen I scanned the list of riders, only 27, and didn’t see his name. I figured he couldn’t make it due to work or something else that came up. The race starts and I keep looking for his avatar or his name to pop up but nothing.
Then, after the race finishes, there he is in the results and only 2 or 3 spots behind me. Today he posted a video of his race and we were riding in the same group for 1/3 of the race but I never saw his name nor avatar.
Id this a settings issue or what would cause this?

Cause - dont know, but the symptoms described pop up in posts here periodically, but havent seen them for a while. The threads I have seen have had evidence posted as well - but I ma talking over past couple of years.

Given it’s 27 riders, I doubt it would be any of the the “smarts” Zwift have done to reduce the recent performance issues (where they tweak something based on people’s platform), but as you know, around here you never really can be sure!

Could be worth throwing the log files on to zwiftalizer.com but it could also be a one-off.

I do remember seeing a post on this about a month ago but can’t find it and don’t remember reading a cause or resolution. Normally I ride alone and don’t look for any particular riders so this could happen often Ian just not aware. The odd thing is that on my friend’s screen I was there but on my screen he was not.

I do keep a “watch” on any issue that has impacted (I have had this a few times over the years) and havent seen a specific post mentioning a fix but I dont keep up with anything near all the posts these days - let me see what I can find Bob.


Couple of recent threads:

These are totally different. It’s not that riders appear and disappear it is that on my application of the game
he was never there. No leader board and no avatar but in the end he showed up in the result. In his application and screen we were together most of the race…

I’d assume the underlying issue is the same except for duration. But ok. I’ll keep an eye out for a “whole event” scenario. Cheers.

Thanks Dean. Cheers