Can’t see all invited riders in meetup

For about 3 weeks now I’ve been in a meetup where we can’t see everyone riding. I can see ~4 people, another rider sees a different set of 4 people, etc. My husband is always missing from meet ups now. He can see everyone and no one else on the meet up can see him.

He uses Apple TV. I use an IPad. I don’t know what all of the other riders are using in each particular instance.

I noticed that as well on the past two meetups I created. Two of ten users weren’t visible to the main group. One logged out and then late-joined the ride and we could see them. The other tried several times logging out and then late joining but we could never see them. In both cases they could see us and were following the correct route.

I too have noted this. I’ve scheduled small meetups of 2 riders in the past few weeks, and its always hit and miss if we can both see each other riding. Very frustrating!

Just had the same problem in a meetup with a buddy.

Started meetup and all worked fine.
About 7km into the meetup I disappeard from his list and he could no longer see me in game.
I could see him in the list and in game as I could see every other rider in the world.

Also the distances were off in my list.
He was shown 3min behind me while riding next to me.

We tried canceling meetup and creted a new one.
Then I could see him again at the start line and in the list.
He did get my invite and followed to the start line but did not see me in game and not on his list.

Restarting zwift did not help.
Both our internet was working.
Strange thing was, that I could see him riding but he could not see me.