Meet-up only view! NOT!

Tried the new meet-up only view function today. It didn’t work! We could still see all the other riders and runners!

Hi @Neil_McGurk
Can you provide more context so we can investigate?

Did you create the Meetup or did one of your friends do it? Was it created today, or several days ago? This feature requires v3.14 of Zwift Companion which only released 2 days ago, I think?

Did everyone experience the same thing, or did some of your friends see an empty world?

Was everyone on the latest game version?

I requested the meet-up yesterday after I saw the new function. Latest version of companion (in order to select the view meet-up only function). Just three of us. I checked the other two guys were both using pc and companion. One of the guys said there were no other riders on his view, but, coincidentally or not, he had a bad WiFi connection and kept disappearing at the start of the ride. The other guy could see all riders and runners.

So we had another meet-up last night and it worked!

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@Neil_McGurk thanks for looping back.
Glad it worked, but please report back if it doesn’t. Intermittent weirdness is frustrating thing to reproduce and diagnose, but we’d like to know about it if it happens again.

So it happened again today!

10:30 UK time New York Rising Empire route. Some of us had other riders on screen and leaderboard. Just one of the five guys, I got a response from, didn’t have other riders. Also, he was also able to see a KoM jersey, on the leaderboard that one of the group got, which the rest of us didn’t see until after the route was completed.

So there appears to be a pattern. This has only happened on the keep everyone together rides! But frustratingly, from a fix perspective, not all keep together rides!

Do you know what devices each in the group used, and if they were on the latest version of the Zwift app and the companion app.

I was using pc and Iphone, companion and app up to date. I think it was same for the others, they say they were all on latest version. Seems it’s ok when we don’t use the keep everyone together function.