Meetup Glitches

I created a meetup with everybody staying together this last Saturday morning with 4 riders joining me and doing the Uber Pretzel route. Several glitches we encountered during this ride were: super slow descending down long major climbs but one or two could breakaway by not pedaling, slow on the flats unless the leader(me) dropped back about 2 seconds or more then surged back to them continuously back and forth which upped the speed by 5+ mph, and then I had to lead on all climbs for best speed. We all rode around 2.5 to 3.5 w/kg It was rather frustrating. Two riders finally had enough and pulled out. What is your thought on this? Thanks.

I’m not totally sure but it sort of sounds like the rubber band feature so that everyone on the meetup stays together regardless of individual power and speed. I think the group goes as fast as the slowest rider maybe? I could be wrong though as there have been complaints about various glitches where people go off in different directions.

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I currently have a Zwift support ticket open. The last 2 weeks during my meetups with Keep Everyone Together enabled and with the riders putting out approximately the same avg power we have been flying up climbs and snagging KOM/QOM along the way yet dragging in mud at certain points on descents and flats. There’s no rhyme or reason as far as I can tell like it happening only during certain stretches of road. Has occurred in Watopia, London, and New York.

Also, we all have smart trainers and noticed we’re not feeling the resistance on the steeper climbs when in meetup mode, so we decided to leave the meetup and do another lap in free ride mode - back to normal as far as reasonable speed and trainer resistance. Something is very wrong!

While weird and annoying at times, it doesn’t affect my overall power output (use a power meter anyway) and we’re still getting a workout.