Meet up (group being split)

Hi. The last few meet-ups we had organised I noticed that the group is getting split although it’s set up to keep everyone together. Any tips on this, as to what causes it and how we can keep everyone together?

Make sure that everyone is running the most recent version of the Zwift App.


Also make sure everyone keeps pedaling. I think that if someone stops pedaling for long enough they are dropped from the rubber band effect.


@Nigel_Tufnel and @Paul_Allen thanks guys. This is happening very early on into the ride. Pretty much in the first few kms and I am sure everyone is pedaling because we’ve been discussing it and no one understands why is this happening.
If one of the riders in the group goes fast And high wattage at the beginning can this rider cause the “rupture” of this “stay together” feature?
I also though that as long as we’re all pedaling the game will keep us together.