Elastic Band Effect - Group Rides

I organised a group ride today and selected the option to keep the group together. However, this clearly didn’t happen and as I suspected would happen, did indeed happen, the group split to pieces with the first five miles!

I can see from older posts that this was once an issue, and I’m 100% sure I selected it when I created the group ride, but can anyone confirm of this is still any issue or not please, thanks

We use it daily and have not noticed anything strange.

Not saying it is impossible to have issues.:thinking:

Thanks for responding, interesting.

When I was setting the ride up, I selected “keep everyone together” yet each time I went back to add new riders to the invite list I noticed that the drop box had defaulted back to being blank? So, I had a suspicion then it might not function as it should.

But Im organising another group ride for Monday night and I’l see what happens then

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So, the good news, Ive organised another three meet ups since, and the elastic ban effect has worked exactly as it should have done. So, I presume it was just a glitch with the system at the time?

Some of those options reset when you edit the ride (adding people for example). Is it possible you just forgot to re-select the Keep Together function the last time you added someone?

Yes it is as Ive since discovered that adding riders does indeed cancel previous setting, how stupid is that for goodness sake ???

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I have found Strava doing the same thing to me these days. I haven’t paid it much attention for years, but I’m sending my Zwift rides there now. And if you edit a ride, it wants to change the ride type to whatever your default is, every time. Pain.