Does 'Keep together' work without the leader?

Hi All, I’m wondering if the keep together (no drop) function in group meet-ups works when the leader doesn’t ride with the group?

We have a club spin setup where by we use a generic <Club_Name> account as the organizer of meet-ups; it’s easier that way to accept manage follower requests and send out invites etc. However when it comes to the event usually the leader (generic account) isn’t riding and I’m suspicious that the keep together rubber-band effect is toast!

I’ve noticed if riders go hard on the front others are just dropped without assistance.

Does anyone know if this is the case?

I didn’t want to post this in bugs and support as it may well be intended functionality :thinking:

Thanks for you help!


In my experience, no it doesn’t work. If the leader doesn’t show up, the group is stuck going extremely slow. This happened to me once a few months ago. The leader was ill and couldn’t make the meetup, the rest of us had to quit after 10 minutes of riding at 8 mph regardless of how hard we pushed. This may have changed with the recent updates, but would need to be tested.

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Thanks for that, actually our problem was that those who wanted to coast along couldn’t and were dropped which is the intended use of the feature I believe? i.e. Just keep pedaling until you smash it in the run-in :wink:

It’s not a big deal but just wanted to bump this thread as I did some testing with our group ride ‘Meet-up’ and the keep together function is now seems to be working correctly even if the leader/spin organiser doesn’t ride.

Essentially if you fall back behind and leave a gap, then after a bit you get the virtual push on the back which can catapult you back into the group and out the front too depending on what power the other members are putting out.

What I suspect happened previously when the effect was not functioning correctly and dropping riders was due to the fact that now everyone had the same version of the program running.

Since the last update everything has worked as intended - Sorted!