Keep together option in meetup doesn't work

A friend recently set up a meetup with 4 riders, using the “keep together” option. We all four took off, but we quickly found out that while 3 or us were hanging close together the person who’d set up the meetup had dropped way back. Her hypothesis was the that meetup leader couldn’t be the slowest in the group, but that doesn’t seem right. Under what circumstances will riders separate during a keep together meetup?

Make sure everyone is running the latest version of the game. This is typically a result of mis-match game versions.

Thanks. We’ll try that next time.

Not sure when we’ll all get to check our versions, but in the meantime are there any other reasons for one person to drop off. I read that if you stop pedaling you drop off. Does that mean that if you stop pedaling even momentarily you drop off for the rest of the meet-up, or can do you rejoin once you start pedaling again?

In my experience, you can rejoin once you start pedaling again.

yes if you stop pedaling, you will stop moving. Keep everyone together means everyone moving.

As long as you start moving again and are still within a reasonable range of the other meetup riders, you will get assistance in catching back up.

I have been doing meetups for 3-4 weeks, and mostly with the “keep everyone together option”. Overall works well, but we do always lose a few, and the last 2 have “lost” around half our riders (usually 10-15 riders join). Some are technical issues at the user end (eg lost bluetooth connection), but the last 2 days most are just getting dropped, are in the holding pen but dont take off with the group or kicked out unexpectedly. any tips? As it has worked well and is now not - I am guessing something has changed…

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In a meetup, is the keep together based on the ride leader or the whole group? The rider that sets the meetup in our case is not the strongest, so we get the sting ones pulling away most.of the time.

That’s exactly what we saw, though my understanding was that the keep together should work even if other riders are stronger than the leader and would otherwise pull ahead. But what we saw was that other riders pulled far ahead of the leader.

The same happened to me with the last app version, there is any other reason to happen this?