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hi i run a weekly banded meetup which i was filling and turning people away on a weekly basis, i have been offered a private link so i can invite more people, But as event the keep everyone together option isn’t available, Which is now a dilemma , The people join the ride because off the band and the choice we have is have the band and get disappointed people as we run out of spaces or run it as a event and people not join as there isn’t a band,
Could this be made possible to run the keep everyone together option on events, i don’t mind you using the data from my ride to help develop this as i believe quite a few groups would welcome it especially people in rehab or new to Zwift and lacking fitness,


The “Keep Together” isn’t working well in Meetups, so it was disabled last year. Thanks for the reminder to spin this ticket back into the to-do list.

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Keep together is working better in meetups we have been using it since Feb 2020 and as a group we understand it quite well . Yes there are a few bugs like if a group falls off the back the speed is limited to 19kph for the back group. Is there a way to get it on my event to try as my ride is now split into 2 with half going back to meetups. We are doing a test ride this Saturday to see how it goes with what we have. It be great to start trying the keep together also. You are welcome to have my ride data to get this moving forward

Thankyou for looking into this will i get a notification when the keep everyone together is available for events?

Pardon? It has plenty of quirks, but “keep together” certainly isn’t disabled in Meetups.

@Steve_Hammatt he means because it isnt working great in meetups it was disabled from events last year. It is still is available in meetups

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HI @shooj has there been any developments on getting the band on Event’s. You are welcome to use my secret event as a test ride to try different settings if this will help?
Regards DaveT

Will the “keep everyone together” be fixed and available on events anytime soon as my ride is split into 2 with half doing meetups so the band is available. Would be good if someone could give a answer instead of no reply like last time

I find the lack of responses very unsupportive and disappointing, I guess fixing the Band on Events was another one of Zwift’s False promises , I wont comment again on it as I believe I am wasting my time with the lack of replies to my questions and offers, Please remember the Zwift community would be nothing without the riders who use it and they will go elsewhere if treated poorly. You have made a Awesome platform it be a shame to ruin it with arrogance,
Rant over have a great day