Band limiting riders KPH at the rear

Hi I have just done a banded meetup, don’t know if you are aware that for the last couple years if a couple of riders drop off the back it bands them together and limits their speed to around 16kph meaning they have no chance of catching the group unless they split up, This is still happening on meetups,
Has this issue been resolve on the band you are testing for events? believe i reported this in 2020

regards dave

Hi Dave, this is a new one for me but I don’t ride meetups much so I wouldn’t expect to run into while Zwifting myself. From what you’ve seen, is it consistently limiting small groups of riders who fell off the back to 16kph or is the speed more random yet consistently lower than you’d expect for a banded ride? And is it just pairs or are small groups of 3 or 4 affected also?

Hi Lucas I believe we had just under 30 riders on the meetup. one rider ended up around 1 minute back , 2 sweeps went back to help her , with the 2 sweeps pushing around 5wkg and the dropped rider doing 2.5wkg they couldn’t make speed together, One of the sweeps stopped pedalling and the other two accelerated , then the third sweep speeded up around 3 seconds after, The band has been doing this since i started my old meetups in 2020, hope this helps and you can replicate it,

Thanks for the extra info on this. I reached out to the team and found out that this was an intentional design choice to allow rubberbanding to be active for more than one group in a meetup. This enables a meetup to have groups moving at different speeds kind of like you might expect from a traditional group ride. Keep Together is something that’s slated to be looked at in a few months and we’ve got this scenario added to the list of things to look at.

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@Lucas_M Thankyou for the feedback, great to hear the team is going to look at this , From a ride organiser/riders point of view this feature really disrupts a meetup with all the group having to stop midride to allow the back to regroup, I do believe the “keep everyone together” feature would be greatly improved with multiple grouping removed and the back riders given extra assistance to catch the main group would make more sense,