Keep everyone together not working properly

It works fine in the past 2 months until recent update that I noticed from my latest 2 meetups that “Keep everyone together” is no longer function during the ride.

Same here. Oddly quite annoying!

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Same here, riding with a new member, who is currently debating staying long term or not, So not good move at all by Zwift re still not fixing.
Meetups been huge with all new members, surely there lots of customers in the same postion.
(Both on pc and ant+)


In addition to the rubber band not working many group ride and group workout participants are experiencing uncontrollable juking and weaving of their avatars.

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Have you all contacted support? I did and heard nothing. How do we get action from Zwift when their own update broke a feature? Does anyone have a version or device type in which the feature still seems to work?

Nope. I think “Bugs and Support” section in Zwift Forum is the place for contact support and report the bugs. If I misunderstand this, then the Bugs and Support is useless.

By the way, I see from other thread that this Keep Everyone Together bus is in highest priority for Zwift team. Hope they fix this very soon.

The fix will be out soon

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