Keep Everyone Together Not Working

Simple problem, I made a meetup with another person with the keep everyone together option selected. When the group ride started I wasn’t pedaling as I wasn’t ready (getting water). The other person went off and I caught up with them. However, when we were together we easily drifted apart and it seemed like the option to keep everyone together was not working at all

When I used it the max gap I saw was 6 seconds. I did kind of assume it would keep us closer than that but it doesn’t seem like that’s the intention. At about 5 seconds the slow person would get a push (free watts from the front person it seems). Did you pay attention to the gap?

we have been using this for group ride successfully for a while now… and suddenly after one of the last updates a few weeks ago it is not working like it used to … those not as strong are dropped really quickly and have not stopped peddling… also now even with keep together enabled people can jump off the front and gap minutes… its not working as it used to at all


I submitted a message to support about it. Is there a way to rollback versions of software because this feature is the only reason we use Zwift.

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It used to works for me in the past 2 months. Until recent update, I’ve notice my with last 2 ride that “Keep everyone together” doesn’t work properly anymore.
I think I should summit this problem, too.

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