Keep everyone together issue

Hello, first time posting. I had my first group meet up ride tonight with about ten other random people (very friendly, lovely bunch). The ‘keep everyone together’ option was switched on. We had a zoom call going and I could see everyone working really hard. I was trying to stay mid pack and didn’t really seem to break a sweat. I also occasionally seemed to fly off in front of everyone, esp on downhills if I stopped pedalling. It was all really confusing and kind of ruined the ride for me. Any idea why it was like this. I was def a weaker rider and wonder if Zwift was over compensating to keep me with the group?

With the keep together you will stay together as long as you keep pedaling.

Was it a workout?

Hi, no it was a Harrogate route.

It sounds normal to me.

With Keep Together switched on, it will let you go off the front if you freewheel downhill. But after a while it will put the brakes on and bring everyone back together.

It sounds like the others were probably trying too hard, forgetting that it would keep you all together. They might have thought they were going too slowly for the effort they were putting in, so they pedalled harder, and that wouldn’t have got them anywhere.

In a Keep Together ride, everyone needs to realise that they can work as little or as hard as they like, vut Zwift will regulate the speed and keep the bunch together.