Keep Everyone Together--Can the Group Pause During Session?


I’ve been using the Keep Everyone Together function for group rides since it was released. I do have a question in anticipation of a long ride later this week.

Can the entire group pause, say two hours into a ride for five to ten minutes, and then resume the ride, with the keep together function still working? We’re planning on doing the Uber Pretzel loop and a couple of the riders expressed interest in pausing a couple of times during the session to change jerseys, etc.

And a related question–when descending down the Alp, normally most don’t pedal–does this matter when using keep together?

Thank you.

You can certainly pause briefly - I’ve done this before. I’ve no idea if there’s a timeout value though, beyond which it’ll stop doing “keep together”. My own guess is that it’ll still work.

It doesn’t matter if you freewheel on the descent or not. Typically the “keep together” will actually let those freewheeling go off the front compared to those still.pedalling, and big gaps can form in that way, but it will eventually bring everyone back together on the flat.

I’d be quite keen to join such a group ride (Uber Pretzel)… which is one of only two routes I have remaining in Zwift (the last is “PRL Full” which I would also be similarly keen to ride in a group setting.) What are the ride parameters?

I knocked out Mega Pretzel yesterday, but there was not another soul with which to form pacing groups. My normalized power was 2.35 W/kg so I can manage a fair pace for an extended period.

As to stopping, I recently did a 100+ km ride with the Beyond the Line group, and they had a brief stop at the 90 minute mark. In fact, they made a game about who could stop the closest to the ride lead. There was enough time to refuel and refill bidons, visit the loo etc., but not lose one’s sweat. That aspect to the ride functioned quite well…

Please let me know how to join your group. I’d be thrilled to ride along if it were in a “C” class pace…


We were able to do two stops during the course of the ride, approx 10 minutes in length. The stay together function worked perfectly. I would send a message to the ride saying that we would stop a x mile, and then I’d give another text saying that we would resume in two minutes. The others watched for my avatar to move, and then they started riding as well. It’s a great option for long group rides.

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Definitely. Email dvescio at gmail. What’s great about our stay together rides is that it doesn’t matter how strong you are—you can ride at your own pace and the group “ stays together.” It takes away a lot of the stress of riders who have different categories. Take care.

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Sorry to have missed it (your recent group ride), and glad that the rest periods worked as hoped. Please just add me in to your group invitation list. As I mentioned, I’m particularly interested in the group format for PRL Full, but would enjoy hearing of your other events.