Comfort breaks in group rides

I tried my first Zwift group ride tonight and really enjoyed it, but I needed to take a ‘comfort break’ 18 miles into the 26 mile ride (I couldn’t hang on!).  By the time I was back on my bike I was 2 miles behind the group and had to ride very hard to catch up.

Could there be a pause button in group rides?  Then when un-paused the rider is transported back to the ride leader.  If the rider doesn’t want to lose miles ridden then they can just carry on stopping and riding to catch up like I did.

Or another idea for longer group rides would be to neutralise the ride at a set distance or time for 5 minutes with a count down to a restart.

Hi John/Zwift:

I’d like this option too - take a break on a group ride with the option to rejoin.

I had my first ride yesterday, a so called Sub-2 flat ride. I killed myself on my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine to keep up for this one hour ride (I rode 31.5 kms/hr which is consistent for a very hard outdoor ride for me). I did not take one break for fear of loosing the group. I eventually did loose them and ended up 3 minutes behind once the hour ride ended.

I am 90 kg. My spouse, about 50 kg, found the ride easy. She has the same trainer as me. IRL, she’s in some pain keeping up with me, except on the hilliest of rides. Seems that big folks are disadvantaged on Zwift, IMHO.

So… a break would be wonderful; to re-adjust on the saddle, have some water, wipe the sweat off my dripping chin, etc…

WSY, Zwift?



(BTW: still loved the ride! This can get addictive! :slight_smile: